OCEAN CITY AIR SHOW 2012 — Rob Korb Photography



June 8, 2012


It’s days like today when I really, really like my day job… As the hazmat team leader for Worcester County, Maryland I placed units on standby in case one of the planes for the air show over the beach in Ocean City had a problem. I had an opportunity during the last part of the practice session on Friday to flash a few credentials and make my way to the Air Show command center which was located on the roof of the Quality Inn Boardwalk at 16th Street to take some photos. There are a bunch of amazing performers at this years event. By far the most impressive to me were the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and the Black Diamond Jet Team that screamed through the sky over the beach just a hundred feet or so off the ground. I learned while I was shooting that the Thunderbirds were flying F-16A Fighting Falcons between 350 and 700 miles per hour as they passed the show center. The Black Diamond Jet Team had five L-39s and two Mig-17s painted in a distinctive arctic camouflage that were just awesome to look at when they passed. I also thoroughly enjoyed Mike Wiskus who piloted the Lucas Oil Pitts S-1-11b SS Modified aircraft through maneuvers that made me nauseous just watching him roll, climb and dive. If slow and accurate is more your style the United States Navy Parachute Team “Leap Frogs” jumped over and landed right on the beach in front of the crowd. What an amazing opportunity to view a free show if you’re in the Ocean City area during their annual show in June.



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