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March 25, 2013


I was able to be a guest at a wedding! Last weekend, my girlfriend Angela’s good friends Colleen and Tony were married in Spencerville, Maryland and had their reception at the Warehouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore. I met Colleen and Tony at a super bowl party two years ago and learned about their upcoming wedding. A few months later, they inquired about me shooting their wedding, but said they would understand if I just wanted to be Angela’s date and have a good time. The last time I had been a guest at a wedding was in 2001 just after graduating college. It seems that whenever my friends get married, either they ask me to be their photographer or I am already booked that weekend. I knew I was well overdue to sit back and let someone else do the job, so I decided to be Ang’s date (which is what she wanted anyhow!). That being said, Angela was the wedding coordinator so like a good boyfriend, I offered to be her assistant for the day (she is always my third shooter/assistant at weddings so I figured I should repay the favor). When wedding day rolled around, I just couldn’t completely leave the cameras at home… I have to admit, it was hard for me to just sit there and be a guest! So I tried not to intrude upon the hired photographer and only took a few detail photos of the venue and some at the ceremony. Congrats Colleen + Tony, your wedding was gorgeous and so much fun. Enjoy your honeymoon in Mexico!



  1. Tommy says:

    What great photos. Keep up the amazing work.

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