January 1, 2018


I almost passed on this wedding because it was just a few hours of coverage during the busy crunch season in delivering all of my weddings to clients before the Christmas holiday and I’m sure glad I didn’t. Jillian and Edgar were married at her home church in Delmar, Maryland. Edgar, a native of Peru met Jillian in her time there serving the Peace Corps. Edgar came to Jillian’s rescue when she ran into distress one day, Edgar was a law enforcement official and responded to assist. One of the most special moments of this wedding day had to be when Jillian’s sister surprisingly reached out to Edgars family who could not attend the wedding. She used Facebook to contact his family members and using Google Translate, presented a congratulatory wedding video message from his family. The story may have started on a stressful day in Peru but two lovely children and 3,322 miles later I was honored to have spent a few hours with them capturing their wedding in Delmar and reception at Abbot’s on Broad Creek in Laurel, Delaware. Thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of your life story.




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